The Devil's Esoteric Dream Dictionary


Ambrose Anthony Brimrose

Oh, dear reader, who's to say you're losing your sanity simply because you dream of crazy things? There are literally hundreds of dream dictionaries available for purchase, but all of them ­ every single one ­ provide definitions for only the most common of dream symbols. Where, then, does one search for meaning if one dreams of something strange and unusual? It is that burning question to which this work is dedicated.
The most profoundly astonishing surprise to many novice students of dream symbolism occurs when they discover how truly counterintuitive dream interpretation really is. Many awakening from a disturbing dream -- such as that of being brutally tortured and burned alive at the stake by his or her spouse ­ would interpret it as a bad omen, a sign of a bad relationship and a portent of terrible things to come. In fact, the very opposite is true. This dream actually is trying to alert the dreamer to the untapped potential within the dreamer's spouse ­ a potential to come to terms with his or her dormant passions and to set them free! As you search this volume for the unusual symbols appearing in your own dreams, you will probably be surprised at what you find. What appears on the surface to be a symbol of menace and ill fortune may in fact be completely benign or even astonishingly positive. However, be warned; the converse is also true: What may appear to be a token of good luck may well be that of unspeakable evil.
Such is the twisted logic of the dreaming world. Enjoy!

Above-Ground Swimming Pools: All dreams about swimming pools are positive, but dreaming about an above-ground swimming pool is an especially lucky break! You will find yourself having an encounter with a mysterious individual (possibly a teacher or teacher-figure) who will point you in the direction of achieving your true potential.
Accelerators, Particle: (See Particle Accelerators)
Acid: Dreaming of acid, especially being slowly lowered into a vat of acid, means that you will soon find yourself unnerved by the return of a former romantic interest. Be cautious, because he or she will soon burn you out and you will find yourself a shadow of your former healthy self.
Angels, Charlie's: Angels appearing in dreams have always been seen as signs of terrible luck. Dreaming of TV's Charlie's Angels is somewhat more specific: A socially confident uncle (possibly only an uncle in a symbolic sense) will enter your life. He will become an increasingly overbearing burden, affecting your social life. Beware, for he will encourage you to risk your present stability in the pursuit of a one night stand or sleazy affair.
Angles: Dreaming of geometric angles must be interpreted based on the type of angle. Dreaming of a 90-degree or right angle often means that you can probably look forward to an impending embarrassment by a relative, usually a grandmother or a grandmother figure. Dreaming of an acute angle (less than 90 degrees) means you will soon be asked to perform an unreasonable task. Dreaming of an obtuse angle (greater than 90 degrees) means you will be swindled, possibly by a grandmother or grandmother-like figure.
Apricot Schnapps: Schnapps appearing in a dream indicates that you are feeling an acute sense of failure. Perhaps this is because you have recently failed at some difficult task, either at home or at work. The Apricot symbolizes that -- to add insult to injury --you will soon find you have been bad-mouthed for several months by a close relative.
Atomic Bombs: Dreams of atomic bombs indicate a need for release from all your worries and troubles. Perhaps you have been spending too much time planning for your future. Unwind a little bit. Let your hair down. Your dream is telling you that this is a time when you should treat yourself well.


Balloons: Balloons appearing in a dream can have several different meanings. If they are round, helium-filled party balloons, they indicated the potential for a permanent setback in your financial situation. Be especially wary if you accidentally pop such a balloon in your dream! If instead you dream of a long, thin, twisted balloon, the sort used to make balloon animals, be prepared for a disturbed young child to enter your life.
Ballrooms: Dreams taking place in a ballroom indicates that you are feeling a bewildering passion for a friend. The location suggests an open area that can become crowded very quickly (by people wanting to dance) if you are not careful.
Bar Stools: A bar stool, especially a tall one, represents your struggle against the odds. You may feel that you are chronically unlucky, and, sadly, this is probably the case.
Beaches: Beaches are made of many grains of sand.  This grain imagery indicates a need for fiber in your diet.
Bengal Tigers: Dreams of Bengal tigers mean a hot time is in store for you! Such a symbol indicates incredibly passionate sex and generally good times ahead.
Board, Particle: (See Particle Board)
Bombs, Atomic: (See Atomic Bombs)
Brandy Snifters: Any dream containing a brandy snifter is an especially good omen. You will meet a good-looking new friend and your friendship may develop into a serious romance. Be on the lookout for any sudden financial emergencies, but don't worry about them when they occur. Although they may seem serious at the time, things will resolve themselves nicely and when your troubles pass you will find you have more wealth than ever before.
Breath Mints: If you have a dream in which you are offered breath mints, take them! People who accept breath mints offered in dreams will soon find themselves in the middle of a wild sexual adventure that will test the very limits of their sexual capacity. Those who turn down the breath mints will find themselves falling into a state of profound confusion about their sexual identity that may last months.
Brian Dennehy: (See Dennehy, Brian)
Brothels: The uninformed might suggest that any dream that takes place in a brothel or bordello would be sexual in nature. Such is not the case. In fact, the brothel actually represents the hostility of the dreamer's inner child. That inner child is searching for something lost in their childhood. It is up to the dreamer to discover what they are truly searching for.
Calculators, Scientific: (See Scientific Calculators)
Calcutta: Dreaming of Calcutta has a very specific interpretation: You will meet a new romantic love, quite unexpectedly. Everything will be wonderful for a short while but then your new lover will become disappointed in you. The flame of your relationship will flicker and burn out. Things will end on an especially bad note, because of something you do or say. Angry, your ex-lover will impugn your good name and you will be thrown into a living hell of shame and disgrace.


Cantaloupes: Dreams in which cantaloupes are eaten or otherwise play a major role indicates that a successful distant relative, one who you have long admired, will reward you in some way.
Carcinogens: Dreams of carcinogens and cancer-causing agents in general are a warning. Beware! A close relative of yours, possibly a brother or sister, will cause a scandal when he or she has a child out of wedlock.
Carts, Shopping: (See Shopping Carts)


Cattle: (See "Cow")


Cats, Siamese: If you have a dream containing one or more Siamese cats, be especially cautious! You will soon suffer an invasion of your privacy. Perhaps a personal secret will be revealed to everyone you know. This will result in a profound sense of humiliation at work.
Channeling Crystals: For many in the new age movement, a dream including channeling crystals would be seen as a good sign. However, they usually warn of a disharmonious and unlucky future, one in which the dreamer will find themselves arguing frequently with their partner over money matters.
Charlie's Angels: (See Angels, Charlie's)
Chinese Food: If you dream of eating Chinese food, especially with wooden chopsticks, it means that you will soon be faced with a difficult task. Fear not, for you will master the task at hand with surprisingly little effort on your part.
Christmas Pixies: Dreaming of Christmas Pixies is very lucky! You can look forward to generally good fortune in the coming months. Take advantage of this period. Any romantic endeavors which you initiate (as long as your luck holds out) will probably lead to an engagement, if that is what you wish.


Cigarettes, Doral: Cigarettes appearing in dreams have different connotations depending on brand. Doral cigarettes are an indication that a stingy uncle or uncle figure will come into your life.


Clock Radios: If you have a dream about a clock radio, it's telling you to wake up and break out of your shell and get involved with a charity!  Contributing your time to local charities in your community will make you more socially confident and will lead to what you want to accomplish romantically.
Cocktail Peanuts: If you dream of cocktail peanuts, an unlikely -- even freak -- accident will soon occur. You will be tested to your limits and will probably find yourself filled with self-doubt. Things may become so confusing that you even come to doubt your sanity.


Coffins: Any dream in which a coffin plays a major role indicates that the dreamer or someone close to the dreamer is suffering from back problems.
Confusion: A general sense of confusion in a dream indicates that the dreamer will soon suffer from an ear infection or will possibly have their hearing damaged by a loud noise of some sort.


Cow, (Herd of Cattle): Dreams featuring a herd of cattle indicate that something significant will take place the next time you find yourself part of a large crowd.
Crystals, Channeling: (See Channeling Crystals)
Dark Clouds: Dark clouds appearing in dreams generally indicate a chronic stomach or intestinal disorder of some kind.
Dennehy, Brian: Dreaming of actor Brian Dennehy means that you will soon be an accidental witness to a dispute of some sort, one that you weren't meant to see. The severity of the impending conflict can be gauged by how much Brian Dennehy weighs in your dream. If he is trim, it means that you will only witness a small altercation between strangers. If he is especially obese, it means that you may witness someone being brutally murdered.
Dewey Decimal System: If you dream of the Dewey Decimal System, it means you have been drinking too much. You should lay off the booze for awhile.
Differential Equations: All dreams involving calculus are symbolically heroic dreams. Dreaming specifically of differential equations indicates that you will soon find yourself at the scene of an accident. At this accident you will surprise yourself by performing some brave deed, perhaps you will even find yourself momentarily endowed with superhuman strength. The person you save will fall in love with you and will probably be the person you marry.
Disneyland: A dream in which you find yourself in Disneyland means you currently feel yourself surrounded by pests, especially in the workplace. The irritations and indiscretions to which you currently are subjected by your colleagues will ironically result in unique opportunities for you. The best policy you can follow in dealing with these annoying co-workers is to kill them with kindness.
Dogs: Packs of wild dogs appearing in a dream represent some impending danger to your person caused by gangs of malicious youths.
Dung, Animal: Animal dung appearing in a dream represents that you are either suffering from poor health or are suffering in an unhealthy romantic relationship. If the latter is the case, you should look to past achievements as a way to bolster your self confidence and quickly move on.
Dung Beetles: Dung beetles in a dream portend an unhappy climb up the social ladder. Beware of the burden that dishonesty brings. Remember that everyone you lie to on the way up will kick you mercilessly on the way down.
Egyptologist: An Egyptologist in your dream represents the aspirations of your father. You may well find yourself a failure, a huge disappointment to yourself when compared with your father's ambitions. But keep in mind that he thought only in terms of earthly possessions, not spiritual, intellectual or emotional advancement.
Elbows: Dreaming of elbows, especially multitudes of disembodied elbows, universally indicates that you will find yourself taking a journey (either literally or figuratively) with your colleagues. Along the journey you will find yourself constantly threatened with imminent death. This danger is quite real and cannot simply be ignored. If you are strong enough to make it to the end of the journey, you will be rewarded with a high income and the promise of great prosperity.


Etching: The act of etching is associated with scratching the surface of something to get down to a 
deeper layer.  Etching is frequently associated with periods of soul-searching.
Excrement, Human: Human excrement appearing in a dream indicates that you currently find yourself frustrated by family problems. Your problem is that you're taking things much too seriously. You've forgotten the pleasure that simple amusement can bring. Your best course of action is to throw yourself a wild party.
Fairies: Most people would interpret the appearance of fairies in their dream as a token of good luck. Sadly, just the opposite is true. Their appearance portends that all of your grandchildren (present and future) will be a great disappointment to you. They will all suffer from life-long problems with personal debts caused by drinking, gambling, sexual debauchery, and drugs.
Falk, Peter: Dreaming of Columbo's Peter Falk foretells that you will find yourself in a bizarre courtship, possibly with a member of the same sex. As a result of the relationship that forms you will find yourself encouraged to push past your present comfort zone and pursue a life more exciting and thrilling than you have ever known.
Feces: Dreaming of feces, either animal or human, has a very specific meaning: You are going to embark upon an exciting new career as you discover your unique talent for swindling others. Your former moral gauges of right and wrong will happily fall by the wayside as you adopt a much more amoral attitude.


Foam Funnels, Giant: Dreaming of giant foam funnels was once quite rare, but they have been appearing with much greater frequency lately. Experts have failed to come to a consensus as to what this particular dream symbol means, although there are two major camps of thought:

1) Giant foam funnels represent matter transference or teleportation;

2) Giant foam funnels represent circus-like entertainment.


Gabby Hays: (See Hays, Gabby)
Grizzly Bears: A grizzly bear in a dream represents a relative, usually an uncle, who has extremely bad manners. Although he poses no immediate threat or bodily harm, his disrespect for social decorum may cause you painful embarrassment.
Halogen Lamps: Dreaming of a halogen lamp indicates that if you're not careful all your dreams and plans may very well go up in smoke as you suffer financial problems and personal debts. You may be presented with what appear to be favorable opportunities, but upon closer inspection you will discover that you are actually being asked to do something quite unreasonable. The best advice you can follow is to read the fine print!
Hays, Gabby: Dreaming of Gabby Hays means that you are very close to attaining intellectual enlightenment. Your thoughtful nature will only result in a prosperous career and good fortune in both money and romantic matters.
High School Plays: If you have a dream in which you are acting in a High School Play, your subconscious mind is trying to encourage you to play a new role in enhancing your partner's romantic desires.
Hot Tubs: A hot tub in a dream represents the healing that can come from a somewhat uncomfortable situation. Reflect on your life and consider the lasting benefits of adventure, even though it may take you to some unsettling and hot locations.
Humping: If you have a dream that involves humping, especially while wearing a heavy backpack, it means that you have a great deal of confidence in yourself. You don't seem to worry about the risks and accidents that may occur as you rush headlong into each new exciting adventure.
Hypodermic Needles: If you have a dream in which you inject yourself with a hypodermic needle, it means you should kick the habit of dishonesty in your current sexual relationship. Otherwise you may find yourself searching for a new partner.
Industrial Waste: If you've dreamt of industrial waste, you know the unpleasant and disgusting feeling that is associated with it. Such dreams have always been a sign of future bad luck for the dreamer. Your dream might possibly be foretelling your imminent death. In general you should lay low for awhile and eat plenty of healthy foods. Stay away from anyone suffering from mysterious ailments. You would be ill-advised to take part in any activities that involve crowds.
Inflatable Love Dolls: It may seem bizarre, but dreams of inflatable love dolls, the type that can be ordered through companies specializing in sex toys, are not sexual dreams at all. In fact, all they indicate is that the dreamer is working too hard and needs to play more. If you have such a dream, you should lighten up and take your responsibilities at work somewhat less seriously. Try playing the game called office politics. You might just find out how fun it can be! Engage in petty gossip. Start a rumor or two of your own!
Isosceles Triangles: If you are lucky enough to dream of an Isosceles triangle, be on the lookout for a short stranger of the opposite sex who has predominately light features, possibly an albino. This person will have a twisted sense of humor and quirky personality, one that you find oddly alluring.




Jordan, Michael: Michael Jordan is, of course, a world-famous celebrity. When celebrities appear in our dreams it indicates that there must be something going on that is worth celebrating. Often a party (could it be a surprise birthday party) is at hand.


Jump Ropes: Jump ropes appearing in a dream mean that you need to keep on your toes! A business partner will soon become involved in a terrible scandal that may ruin you both financially.


Jupiter: If the Roman God Jupiter appears in your dream, there is only one way to interpret his appearance: Your grandmother (or grandmother-like figure) will soon introduce you to a person with whom you will have an happy and incredibly intense sexual relationship. You will have a hard time keeping your hands off of one another. As a result you may find yourself carrying on at a place of work. If this happens, beware of office politics and keep on the lookout for friends who may well stab you in the back if they get the chance.


Klaxon: If you hear the warning sound of a loud klaxon blaring in your dream, don't be too alarmed. The alarm isn't meant for your ears. It does, however, indicate that a close friend of yours will have their social situation reversed. If tremendously popular, he or she will soon find themselves a social outcast, or vice versa.
Lamp Posts: If you find yourself standing beside a lamp post in your dream, you can forget all your troubles. Your future looks incredibly bright! For the rest of your life all you have to look forward to will be happy times. If you are currently single, you can expect that you will find yourself engaged within the next few months.
Leigh, Vivien: If you have a dream of Vivien Leigh, pay close attention to the costume she wears. If she is dressed as Scarlet O'Hara in Gone With the Wind, you will soon find yourself embarking on a journey that will result in wealth and huge successes. However, if she is dressed as Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire, your attitude of overconfidence will soon result in heavy criticism, both of yourself and of all those associated with you.
Lighthouses: If you find yourself dreaming that you are standing in or near a solitary lighthouse, it means that you will live the remainder of your life unmarried. If you are currently married, you can bet that your marriage will soon fail or your spouse will die. However bleak this sounds, don't succumb to discouragement, for the strange luck of the lighthouse works two ways: After the death or departure of your spouse, you will find that your business prospects are actually quite good. All of your future endeavors will be amazingly successful. In time, the wealth you find yourself amassing will bring you so much pleasure that you won't think much about not being married.
Lint Balls: Dreaming of lint, especially lint balls is generally a good sign. Look forward to good times
ahead with your closest friends, the kinds of friends you would let come over on a Saturday afternoon and do their laundry.
Lips, Wax: (See Wax Lips)
Love Dolls, Inflatable: (See Inflatable Love Dolls)
Machines, Vending: (See Vending Machines)


Manila Envelopes: Dreams featuring manila envelopes are quite rare. However, if you do have one, it means that your world will be turned topsy-turvey as an embarrassing distant relative (possibly one with special talents or powers) will enter your life.
Manure, Horse: If you are lucky enough to dream of horse manure, you can be sure that you're the type of person who sees every obstacle as a potential opportunity!  After all, manure may smell awful, but it also helps sweet smelling flowers grow.


Masking Tape: Dreams of masking tape indicate that you will meet your true love in the audience of some upcoming performance. So, the next time you go to the theater or to a musical show, be sure you keep your eyes open!


Meters, Postage: (See Postage Meters)


Minerals: Dreaming of minerals is the subconscious mind's way of telling the dreamer that they are feeling run down and need more vitamins and minerals in their diet.


Mints, Breath: (See Breath Mints)
Modems: The essence of any dream involving a computer modem is communication. You should view with suspicion any communications you receive in the near future. While their content may seem benign, their effects may be quite damaging. If you are currently exchanging romantic or flirtatious E-Mail messages with a co-worker, lover, spouse, or anonymous stranger, beware! Unbeknownst to you, someone who wants to see you fall may be reading them as well.


Morocco: Dreams of Morocco have always been good omens. If you find yourself dreaming that you're on the road to Morocco, you're in for a real treat! Forget your problems and just let yourself have fun! This newly found attitude of playfulness will either spice up your existing relationship in ways you never thought possible, or will result in a brand new sexual adventure that will undoubtedly end in wedlock.
Mortgage Payments: If you have a dream involving the payment of a mortgage, it can only mean one thing: Your mother hasn't been completely honest with you; She actually has secret musical abilities that you have never known. This talent for music is within you too. If you successfully tap into that talent, the sky is the limit and it will lead you into some incredible musical adventures.
Natural Selection: Any dream involving Darwin's theory of natural selection means that your true purpose in life is to perpetuate the species. You must do your part.  Although you may normally be quite shy, you should adopt an attitude of shameless self-promotion. This will lead you to meet someone new who is breathtakingly beautiful (or handsome), although they may have somewhat loose morals.
Navy Blue: The color navy blue appearing in any context in any dream means that you will soon find yourself in the middle of a bewildering sexual adventure. At times you will find yourself confused, even helpless, but if you go with the flow everything will work out all right in the end.
Needles, Hypodermic: (See Hypodermic Needles)
Nose-Piercing: Nose-piercing of yourself or anyone else in your dream indicates an individual who suffers from severe insecurity and self-doubt. The act of piercing is simply a juvenile attempt to become popular. If you are the one with the pierced nose, grow up.
Opera Singers: Dreaming of an opera singer can have different meanings, depending on the vocal range of the singer. A baritone indicates a person who craves solitude. A tenor represents a person of loose morals who refuses to see the consequences of their actions. A soprano represents a person who sees kindness to others as their highest objective.
Oprah Winfrey: (See Winfrey, Oprah)
Organs, Pipe (See Pipe Organs)
Parking Garages: For most people, dreams in which they find themselves in a parking garage can be quite unnerving. However, they are actually good omens and indicate that you will soon find your proper lot in life. Once this happens, you will become quite content and more able to enjoy all that life has to offer you.
Particle Accelerators: Only a select few are fortunate enough to dream of particle accelerators.  They portend that the dreamer will soon be freed from all personal debts, possibly as the result of a lottery winning or other financial windfall. This freedom from money concerns will extend to their friends and family and will last for the rest of their lives.
Particle Board: Dreams of particle board are the worst. If you are unfortunate enough to have a dream involving particle board, there is little for you to do other than to let events unfold. Shortly after the dream occurs, you will receive an invitation of some sort. It may be an invitation to a wedding, a child's birthday party, or the opening of a car dealership. You must go. Otherwise you'll risk angering the gods, who usually respond to such disrespect by destroying everyone you know and love. In the weeks following the event to which you've been invited, your health will begin to fail. Physicians and medical experts will try to help you, but they will be unable to find the cause of your rapid deterioration. It will be as if the cause is supernatural, and it is. The best thing you can do is come to terms with your life as you await your imminent death.
Partridge Family, The: If you have a dream featuring any of the members of TV's The Partridge Family, it means that you should learn to play a musical instrument at once! At the very least you should try to become more playful in general. Once you've adopted this new skill or attitude, be on the lookout for a heavy (either physically or mentally) male person who will enter your life. He will be carrying something for which you have been searching a long time.
Peanuts, Cocktail: (See Cocktail Peanuts)
Penguins: Penguins often get a bad rap because throughout history they have been used in painting and literature as symbols of great doom. Although this is usually the case, it is not always. If you have a dream in which a penguin is standing on an ice floe waving its flippers, you've managed to narrowly dodge the curse of the penguin. As a dream symbol, such a penguin is only trying to get your attention and suggest that you take a nice, peaceful vacation.
Periodic Table of Elements: If you have a dream in which the Periodic Table of Elements plays a prominent role, you can rest assured that you will accomplish whatever objectives you currently have.
Peter Falk: (See Falk, Peter)
Phrenology: Phrenology is, of course, the outdated practice of attempting to divine the nature of a subject by reading the bumps on his or her head. In interpreting it as a dream symbol, the interpretation depends on who has the bumps. If you have a dream in which you are reading the bumps on someone else's head it means that you will soon encounter a person of the opposite sex with whom you will have a love affair. If you are the one with the bumps on your head, it indicates that you will soon be the subject of a vicious verbal or telepathic attack by a member of the opposite sex.
Pipe Organs: Dreaming of a pipe organ means you will soon get a completely unexpected lucky break. If you're in prison, you'll get a parole. If you're homely, a good-looking man or woman will soon fall madly in love with you.
Pixie, Christmas: (See Christmas Pixie)
Plays, High School: (See High School Plays)
Poop, Baby: If you have a dream involving a pooping baby or changing the diaper of a baby who has pooped, it means that you should think seriously about changing your eating habits. If you currently eat unhealthy foods, you should eat more vegetables. Beware of overcooking.  You will be surprised by how good you will find yourself feeling and this new energy will translate into all areas of your life, including your romantic relationships and your career.
Postage Meters: The postage meter is the universal symbol of misunderstanding. Dreams of postage meters foretell of sad days ahead, in which the dreamer will be in agony because every time they open their mouth things just get worse. No matter how hard they try, any attempts at trying to clear things up with a partner will dig a deeper hole. If the dreamer is married, a terrible series of progressively more serious misunderstandings will undoubtedly end in divorce.


Quiet: Dreams that are completely silent and absent of any noise whatsoever indicate that family problems are on the horizon. Even though at first sight it will appear that you are on the periphery of the issue, you will soon find yourself pulled in until you are at the center of the conflict. It will be up to you to be the one who finally solves the problem. Your solution will not only resolve the family problem to the satisfaction of everyone involved, it will also result in a personal spiritual discovery of great importance to you.
Quinine: Any dream in which quinine plays an important role indicates that serious financial problems are ahead. All your hopes and dreams for the future will probably be threatened. Your best course of action is to do your best to make an effort to understand the issues involved and then seek out the assistance of a handsome professional man with dark features.
Radios, Clock: (See Clock Radios)
Radium: Lucky is he or she who dreams of radium! Radium as a dream symbol foretells of exceptional personal insights as well as meetings with various odd and peculiar individuals who have amazingly revealing answers.
Rats, Sewer: (See Sewer Rats)
Rock Collecting: Dreaming of rock collecting indicates a general sense of dissatisfaction with your life. You find yourself disappointed in yourself and in others, who you feel have let you down. The only way to reverse these negative feelings is to chip away at the emotional barriers that you and others have built up over the years.
Royalty: If you have a dream in which you are in the presence of royalty, it means different things depending on your nationality. If you are a citizen of a monarchy, it indicates that you have hidden musical gifts, probably inherited from your father. If you are a citizen of a democracy, it means that you will soon find yourself meeting your one true love. If you are a citizen of a social republic, unexpected wealth is just around the corner.
Saltine Crackers: Any dream in which you find yourself eating saltine crackers foretells of problems at work. However, when faced with these problems you will be inspired to solve them using the most creative methods your co-workers have ever seen. This will result in a great promotion for you and a much higher salary.
Scientific Calculators: Scientific calculators appearing in your dreams are a warning to you that you must take great steps to prevent your mother (or a mother figure) from harm.


Semicolons: More than any other form of punctuation, dreams of semicolons indicate that you have a lover who is resistant to sexual experimentation. The best method to wear down his or her resistance is to initiate lovemaking in different locations around the house.
Sewer Rats: If you have a dream in which you are surrounded by sewer rats, fear not. You are probably in the middle of what appears to you to be hopeless family problems. However, a strange and bewildering creature, possibly one with magical powers, will enter your life and all of your problems will vanish into thin air.
Shit: If you have a dream in which you or someone in the dream continually yells out, Shit! It means that you have unreasonable expectations from your current relationship. Perhaps you are seeking a level of comfort and security that is too much to expect. Your best course of action is to devote more effort to your romantic partner and to temper to some degree your expectations of him or her.


Shopping Carts: If you have a dream in which a shopping cart plays a prominent role, report it immediately to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Shopping cart dreams have long been associated with hostile alien activity. The threat of interplanetary invasion is quite real. Again, if you have a dream about a shopping cart, please treat it seriously.  Remember, it's not only your life that is at stake but the lives of six billion of your fellow earthlings.
Silence: (See Quiet)
Storm, Tempest: Thankfully, dreams of 1950's burlesque performer and stripper Tempest Storm are becoming much more rare these days. However, they still persist. Dreams featuring Ms. Storm indicate you will find yourself living a helter-skelter, swinging lifestyle that will end in divorce and shame. You will become a disgrace not only to yourself, but also to all of your friends and your family.
Super Strength: Dreams in which you exhibit superhuman strength are always a good omen. It simply means that you have talents and abilities that you don't even suspect. If you can find the courage to believe in yourself and allow these strengths to develop, your future prosperity and popularity will delight you.
Swimming Pools, Above-Ground: (See Above-Ground Swimming Pools)
Tape, Masking: (See Masking Tape)
Televangelists: Any dream in which you find yourself in the role of a televangelist indicates that you need to be more careful with what you say in the waking world. What you see as constructive criticism is actually doing more harm than good. If you change your course of action and change your criticisms to compliments, you will be surprised at how quickly you will find yourself climbing the social ladder.
Tempest Storm: (See Storm, Tempest)
Tigers, Bengal: (See Bengal Tigers)
Triangle, Isosceles: (See Isosceles Triangle)
Ultraviolet: If you are lucky enough to have a dream in which you are able to see the ultraviolet colors at the end of the color spectrum, you really have a treat in store for you. You will experience what will appear to others to be supernaturally huge successes. You will soon find yourself surrounded by expensive possessions. You may worry about whether or not this success will be lasting, but fear not. Because of your unique vision you can rest assured that your success will indeed last the rest of your days.
Uterus: Dreaming of a woman's uterus, whether you yourself are a woman or a man, foretells that you will soon find yourself in a whirlwind romance with a good-looking and apparently rich stranger. This stranger will eventually disappoint you, however, when you become somewhat suspicious of the source of their wealth. What you discover will undoubtedly disgust you, and your romantic attachment to this person will disintegrate in an instant.
Uvulas: Dreaming of your own uvula indicates that you soon will experience a brief, disappointingly-short period of fame. Dreaming of someone else's uvula foretells that a new, amusing friend is in your future.
Vending Machines: If a vending machine appears in your dream, it actually represents your feelings toward the opposite sex. For example, if you are a woman and the vending machine treats you badly, taking all your money and you respond by flying into a screaming rage, kicking and generally abusing the machine, you probably have a great deal of inner hostility caused by feelings that men keep taking advantage of you financially. Depending on the way you interact with the vending machine in your dream, you may wish to seek professional counseling.


Vivien Leigh: (See Leigh, Vivien)
Waste, Animal: A dream in which animal waste plays a major role is a warning that you will soon sink to a new low in terms of personal depravity and will find yourself with yet another reason to feel guilty.
Waste, Human: Dreaming of human waste means that your currently rocky romantic relationship will end in a very messy break-up. You will be shocked to discover how bitter your lover can become when he or she soils your good name and tells everyone you know about your personal and very private idiosyncrasies. Within a matter of weeks, you will find yourself quite unpopular. Your best course of action is to move to a different city. At the very least, you should take a long trip and give the stink a chance to wear off.
Waste, Industrial: (See Industrial Waste)
Wax Lips: Wax lips may seem a childish symbol, but their appearance in a dream indicates that you will soon meet your heart's desire! This person may appear at first to be less than attractive, but will have a heart of pure gold. He or she will also be unbelievably wealthy!


Winfrey, Oprah: Dreams involving talk show host Oprah Winfrey are similar to those featuring Brian Dennehy. The interpretation of the dream depends on the weight of the symbol. If Oprah appears slim and trim, it is a warning to you to be mindful of the dangers that can come from ambition. If Oprah appears somewhat plump, it is a sign that you should consider taking a relaxing vacation, possibly a cruise at sea.
Wrestling: Wrestling in a dream is generally a good omen. Dreams of professional wrestling foretell that you will soon meet very interesting new friends and they will take you on an exciting sexual journey of pleasure and discovery. Dreams of college wresting indicate that you have been wrestling with the decision of whether or not you should go to (or return to) college. You should, for it will lead to wonderful new opportunities for you.
Xenophobia: If you have a dream in which you suffer from xenophobia, an irrational fear of foreigners, you have been warned that you will soon have an encounter with foul-mouthed children of questionable upbringing. It may be up to you to teach them the unpleasant consequences of having a potty mouth.
X-Ray Vision: If you have a dream in which you are able to see through clothing, it doesn't mean you're a pervert! It simply means you are subconsciously trying to better understand your current sexual relationship. If you dream of seeing through walls as well as clothing, it indicates that you are somewhat suspicious of the affections of those closest to you.
Yams: Dreaming of yams or sweet potatoes indicates that you must muster all your strength, for you have a particularly arduous task ahead of you. The difficulty of the task will be increased to nearly impossible levels by the meddling of people who will claim they are trying to help you.
Yo-Yos: If you have a dream in which you are playing with a yo-yo, you are subconsciously expressing a sense of dissatisfaction with the ups and downs of your life. You feel particularly disillusioned because -- although many tell you of the progress you've made-- you feel you haven't really moved forward in years. Perhaps you truly are advancing, but you must change your attitude before you can truly appreciate just how far you have come. Perhaps you currently measure success by how many possessions you have instead of by the number of friends you have.
Zanzibar: If you are unfortunate enough to have a dream in which you find yourself on the road to Zanzibar, your immediate future is as bleak as it gets: Within the next few days, you will find yourself in a situation in which you are surrounded by a crowd. Without warning, they will turn upon you and subject you to unspeakable physical torture.
Zeppelins: For most of us, zeppelins represent the ill-fated flight of the Hindenberg. Sadly, a zeppelin appearing in your dream represents that you have a rocky life ahead, full of momentary successes that will quickly turn to devastation and disaster. Everyone with whom you fall in love will either reject you, turn on you bitterly, or die. Your hopes for accomplishing your goals will be perpetually dashed by the cruel hand of fate. Eventually you will tire of the hectic roller coaster of life and realize that there is only one way off the ride: suicide.

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