The following is a list of projects I've been involved in over the years.


I worked on the following films while at PDI and Dreamworks Animation.

Projects are listed most recent first.

The Bee Movie
Fall 2007

I started working on Bees in Spring 2005.

Note: Because the film hasn't been released, I can't really comment on what I worked on.

Over the Hedge
Summer 2006

I worked on Over the Hedge for 6 months.

Note: Because the film hasn't been released, I can't really comment on what I worked on.

Shrek 3
Summer 2007

I worked on Shrek 3 for about 4 months before moving to the Glendale studio.

Note: Because the film hasn't been released, I can't really comment on what I worked on.

May 27, 2005
Madagascar was the first move on which I've worked in which I got to do substantial work on the main characters of the film. I worked on Alex's mane, Melman's neck, and Marty's body. I also did some work on the lemurs and on a character named "Timo" who is a fuzzy little guy who curls up into a ball. I think he's only seen in one scene in the film.
Shrek 2
May 2004
I only worked for about 10 months on Shrek 2 before moving to Madagascar. In addition to helping to develop the hair "wig" system, I also did character setup work on secondary characters, including the horses and children.
Shrek 4-D
Summer 2003
This is the 4-Dimensional (3-D + in-theater gages) show at Universal Studios Theme Parks. I did some minor character TD work on secondary characters.
Shrek 3-D

Shrek 3-D was to be a 3-D IMAX version of Shrek 1. Unfortunately the plug got pulled and it was never completed.

I did some small Character TD work as well as consulting on FX work I'd done on Shrek 1.

Visual development on foliage system.
May 2001
Various FX: Dust, fire, debris -- Approx 100 shots. My claim to fame is setting up and animating the earwax candle. :)

Video Games and Interactive

I worked on the following interactive projects and video games while at Engineering Animation, Inc.:

Projects are listed in the order in which I worked on them. Due to a faulty memory, some dates are approximate.

Houston Museum of Natural Science Video Wall

Entitled The Origins of Energy, this 3-minute high-resolution animation began with the big bang and ended with microscopic sea life settling to the ocean floor.

I managed this project and shared animation responsibilities with Adrian Penn, who was later nominated for an ASIFA award for art direction.

The Zovirax Experience

Yes, Zovirax is a medication used to treat herpes. Known within the company as "Body Ride" This 4-minute, continuous camera animation traced the pathway of the drug from ingestion to digestion to interaction at the molecular level.

I managed this project and shared animation responsibilities with 3 others, including Tim Zwica and Virginia McArthur.

Various Biomedical Animations
I managed or consulted on a number of biomedical animations over this period. They were generally paid for by large pharmaceutical companies and were presented at trade shows. Some of them were produced in stereoscopic 3D.
Barbie Magic Hair Styler
The challenge was to create an interactive product that would provide fun "hair play" for young girls, yet would run on a low-end PC. I wrote the technical proposal that won EAI the contract from Mattell and later developed the proprietary hair rendering techniques that made it possible.
Crayola Magic 3D Coloring Book

I actually invented the "Magic 3-D Coloring Book" method on my own. It was essentially a trick that allowed for interactive 3-dimensional painting of pre-rendered scenes.

EAI then shopped the technique around and finally sold IBM on producing the interactive title under the Crayola brand.

Bug's Life Active Play
This was probably the most fun I ever had while at EAI. I got to give up (for the most part) my duties at Director of Animation Technology and serve as animation supervisor. Working with a crew of 12 animators, we spent the summer of '98 producing about 130 mini animations which made up the primary content of this Disney/Pixar title.
Loony Tunes Crazy Paint
Pushing the "Magic 3D Coloring Book" technology a bit further, EAI produced 8 different Loony Toons "Crazy Paint" titles for Southpeak Interactive. I served mainly as consultant.
Animaniacs: A Gigantic Adventure
A 2-D scrolling game, I served (against my desires or aptitude) as technical lead. Unfortunately the project suffered from numerous setbacks and I moved on after a few stressful months.
Animaniacs Splatball
To be fair, I was only involved minimally on the Splatball project, consulting briefly on the animation for the title sequence.
Toy Story 2 Activity Center
After my success supervising the animation for Bug's Life Active Play I got to play that role once more for the Interactive Title based on Toy Story 2. Unfortunately the animation budget was considerably smaller and the staff was about half. It was still great to get a chance to work with the Pixar characters!
Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion

The concept of Fatal Illusion was to turn the Clue boardgame into an interactive adventure. The scope was much larger than the budget.

I was responsible for developing a technique for animating large quantities of dialogue animation. I myself animated about 40 minutes of various characters' dialogue.

Nova's Ark
I didn't actually work on the book, which was written by Miss Spider's David Kirk and produced at EAI under the direction of Robert Coshland. In the dwindling days of EAI Interactive, I did, however, get to work personally on an image of Nova for Wired Magazine.